Welcome to Shumei Arts Council's ArtNight program

We proudly present three Japanese cultural artforms.

Please enjoy!


I. Japanese taiko drumming featuring Makoto Taiko


A Welcome by Kristen Hayashi, President of Makoto Taiko (Duration: 2:07)

1st song: Sakura-fubuki (Duration: 9:54)

A cherry blossom's (sakura) interaction with strong winds is portrayed here by each drummer. The performers' movements are swift and graceful as the blossoms flow amidst the chaotic wind. As the storm passes, the cherry blossom petals continues to fall peacefully. Composed by Hunter Loyd


2nd song: Revelation (Duration: 7:52)

Over one hundred years ago, the dawn of a new age occurred in the spiritual world. It was a divine revelation to humanity for a movement towards harmony between East and West, as well as between the different races, cultures and religions of the world. Composed by Koji Nakamura


II. Ikebana Flower Arrangement Demonstrations

Demonstrated by Jane Imai, Editor: Haruyuki Suzuki

Duration: 9:54 with English subtitles


Duration: 8:02 with English subtitles


III. An Autumn Tea Ceremony in Shumei Hollywood Garden

Duration: 9:20

Coordinator: Naoko Iwamoto, Cameraman: Shingo Murayama, Editor: Matthew Prescott

Location: Shumei Hollywood Garden

About Shumei Hollywood Garden: Shumei Hollywood Garden was established in 1979. For more than 30 years, this garden served as a demonstration site to share a special farming method called Shumei Natural Agriculture. This special location is listed in 111 PLACES IN LOS ANGELES THAT YOU MUST NOT MISS. Hollywood writing royalty Joan Didion and her husband Gregory Dunne lived in this house from 1967 to 1971.


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